Rutgers University

Ronald V. Clarke, School of Criminal Justice

Research interests: situational crime prevention, wildlife crime, crime science, environmental criminology


Julie Lockwood, Dept of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources

Research interests: wildlife trade, bioeconomic models, exotic pet trade, network analysis


Lauren Wilson, School of Criminal Justice

Research interests: wildlife and other environmental crimes, crime science, geospatial analysis, mixed methods, political ecology


NJIT Federated Department of Biological Sciences

Gareth Russell Gareth Russell

Research interests: applied spatio-temporal population dynamics, movement ecology, statistical methods for conservation, community dynamics incorporating evolution, automated monitoring, the ecology and management of non-natural ecosystems


Simon Garnier

Research interests: collective behavior, swarm intelligence, social behavior


Maggie Wisniewska 

Research interests: behavioral ecology of group-living animals, movement in human-altered ecosystems 


John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Mangai NatarajanMangai Natarajai headshot

Research interests: poaching, human animal conflict, wild life trafficking, situational crime prevention, crime science, action research, rapid assessments, mixed methods


Gohar Petrossian 

Research interests: wildlife crime, IUU fishing, environmental criminology, quantitative research methods; crime mapping


Other Collaborators

Andrew Lemieux 
Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement

Research interests: problem-oriented wildlife protection, wildlife crime, wilderness problems, problem analysis, ‘what works & what fails’


Antony C. Leberatto
Bloomfield College

Research interests: wildlife crime, ethnographic research, field work, evaluation research, qualitative research


Joanna Hill

Research interests: wildlife crime prevention, elephant conservation, human-wildlife conflict, offender interviews, research ethics


Nerea Marteache
California State University San Bernardino

Research interests: wildlife crime, crime in transportation systems, tourist crime, crime prevention through opportunity reduction, employee theft


William Moreto
University of Central Florida

Research interests: wildlife crime, wildlife law enforcement, ranger culture, environmental criminology, crime science


Stephen Pires 
Florida International University

Research interests: GIS, environmental criminology, conservation crime science, wildlife crime, ransom kidnappings, international crime, situational crime prevention