The Center for Conservation Crime Science (C3S) is a collaborative research program between the Rutgers School of Criminal Justice and the New Jersey Institute of Technology Federated Department of Biology. We are an interdisciplinary operation exploring unique ways that criminological approaches may be used to address wildlife crime, a pressing threat to the world’s biodiversity.

In 2013 C3S was established through a Rutgers Initiative for Multidisciplinary Research Teams (IMRT) grant. Few scholastic opportunities exist for conservation biologists to study wildlife crime in a criminological framework, and most criminologists are unfamiliar with the contexts and complexities of wildlife crime. C3S creates opportunities that connect these fields and draws from expertise in criminology, ecology, statistics, and natural resource management.

Situational crime prevention (SCP) approaches criminal activity as being driven by circumstances and opportunity. Having been successfully applied in the prevention of numerous “traditional” crimes, SCP has impact potential for the prevention of wildlife crime. Click here to read more about C3S’s criminological approach.